Ticket required
You must hold a valid EA Rod Licence and one of the following tickets prior to fishing at River Weir - Chester Moor:




If you purchased your ticket online via Castbooker, please bring your confirmation email and some form of identification with you when you fish as you may need to show them to a Bailiff (this can be printed or on your phone).

There are some fantastic Chub and some good but hard to catch Barbel in this section along with other species of coarse fish

As with most stretches of the Wear, in the right conditions good returns of salmon & sea trout can be made.

The section also holds a good head of chub and dace, with the Angling Times Teams Championships and Wear Championships fixtures being won from here several times.
Above the Hall

This stretch is on the south bank up river from the hall and goes all the way up to and just past the footpath that runs up into the woods.

This stretch is magnificent for game fish, shallow, fast with deep runs and it also holds a good head of coarse fish with lots of trout.


Water Rules

1.Park at the Farm Only

2. Access is on foot as indicated on the map by the - - - -      lines

3. The minimum size for non migratory trout is 10 inches.

4. Treble hooks must comply with the following :-

a) Fly fishing not more than 6.5 mm gape.
b) Other legal methods of fishing - not more than 9.5 mm gape.

5. The use of lead core lines or additional weights when fly fishing is not allowed.

6. The following documents must be carried at all times

a) Current club membership card.
b)The appropriate rod license. and to be produced on   request by any EA official or bailiff or any member or    bailiff of Durham City or Hartlepool & DAC

7. The use of maggot is strickily forbidden during the period       15th  March - 15th June inclusive.

8. Dunelm AA fishing is on the LEFT bank only, indicated by   the broken red line - - - - - -

3. The Committee recommends the use` of barbless hooks at all times. However, hooks larger than size10 must be       barbless or crushed barb.

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