Ticket required
You must hold a valid EA Rod Licence and one of the following tickets prior to fishing at River Weir - Prebends & Cathedral Waters:




If you purchased your ticket online via Castbooker, please bring your confirmation email and some form of identification with you when you fish as you may need to show them to a Bailiff (this can be printed or on your phone).

This picturesque stretch of river has always produced chub to 4-5lb with many being taken in the same day. The fishing can produce anything from Brown Trout to grayling/perch/gudgeon & Dace, double figure Sea Trout to specimen Barbel and salmon. Chub are present throughout.


Water Rules:

1. Ground-baiting (by swim-feeder only) and loose feeding are only  allowed between 16th June and the following 14th March.

Please read EA byelaws

2. Hooks larger than size 10 must be barbless or crushed barb.

3. The stretch upstream of Counts House to just below Kingsgate Bridge, and the other small section  marked in RED on the above map is     private fishing controlled by St Chad’s College.  Members are not entitled to fish these.           

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