Ticket required
You must hold a valid EA Rod Licence and one of the following tickets prior to fishing at Brasside Complex - East Water:




If you purchased your ticket online via Castbooker, please bring your confirmation email and some form of identification with you when you fish as you may need to show them to a Bailiff (this can be printed or on your phone).

Some of the original pike/carp still swim the lake and predicted to be around 15lb pike/carp anglers do target them but not as intense as the main specimen lake, a previous stocking of ghost carp was a success with some reaching 14lb with many frequent sightings confirming there are more of them. Plenty of silver fish have been caught over the last season some of them moved to re-stock the canal

Some members have reported some great summer mornings catching a mixture of Crucian carp/Roach/Rudd/Bream.

Pole tactics at 10m to the far bank have been the favoured with a mixture of baits including maggots pellets & corn. Some carp exceed 5-6lb so you may need to use other tactics to land the odd bigger carp.

Top Weights
  • Pike

    15 lbs


General and Specific Brasside Water Rules

Please note: These waters are open all year for fishing except at periods when it be deemed not to be in the interests of the fish stocks or for any maintenance work to be carried out

Re Junior Members: As of the May 2012 GMC meeting Junior members are not permitted to fish any club/association water after the hour of sunset. This rule replaces all others relating to Junior members and night fishing, accompanied or otherwise.

All Waters:

Ø All nets/sacks to be dipped in the bins (when/if) provided before commencement of fishing. Please wash and thoroughly dry all nets after every session, preferably left to dry in the open whenever possible. Please also use the trays (again when/if provided) for footwear. Fish are expensive to replace.

Ø No live baiting allowed on any of the Brasside waters. Only sea fish and commercially prepared dead’ baits’ allowed.

Ø No open fires, (only gas stoves etc) Swimming, wading or boating is prohibited at all times. Bait boats can be used (West water only) but please consider other anglers

Ø Any angler found to be under the influence of alcohol or/and drugs will be asked to leave. (Our insurers do not cover and other anglers could be put at risk)

Ø Please remove and take home all litter from your swim. Any litter found will be as assumed to be yours whether it is or not. The Club does not provide litter bins.

Ø Please report catches/ individual large fish taken either by telephone, the club web forum, e-mail or letter, the Club Management Committee NEEDS to know what is being caught, and from which water.

Ø Only D.C.A.C. Members, their guests and exchange Permit holders, are allowed at Brasside. Please ask any one there without a valid permit to leave immediately. Any Member knowingly allowing unauthorised persons to remain/give access to, will be subject to disciplinary action.

Ø Disabled Pegs: (when constructed) If a non Disabled Member is occupying a designated disabled peg they should vacate that peg if a disabled member wishes to use it.

Ø No Guest permits will be issued to fish from 5-00 PM Friday’s to 8-00 AM Monday’s for the West Water. Does not apply to the East, Canal and Back waters 

Ø Please use the official D.C.A.C. access gate and car park. D.C.A.C. accept no responsibility for any loss or injury suffered by any Member, or guest of a member

Ø Night Fishing allowed ONLY on the Specimen East and West water.(see Rule: 13. re: Juniors/West water

Ø Under no circumstances should the gate combination number be given to non members. Please ensure the gate is l locked at all times and that the combination number is scrambled. 

Ø Any member/angler found to be illegally introducing fish to any D.C.A.C. waters will have their membership/Permit withdrawn immediately and may face prosecution. New fines can now be imposed of up to £50,000, waters drained and cost paid by/recovered from the individual concerned.

Ø Fish to be retained* for the minimum length of time If using a sack, one fish/sack and no fish to be kept overnight.

Ø All other ‘common sense’ rules to apply. Behave responsibly and respect other anglers using the waters.

Ø Anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol  will be asked to leave the club water for their own and others safety (Our insurers do not cover and other anglers could be put at risk)

(b) Anyone found to be in procession of illegal drugs will be reported to the appropriate authority and if found guilty will have their membership terminated.

Do not damage trees or bushes and do not interfere with the wildlife. Only personal audio equipment with earphones to be used, and no loud or bad language to be used.

*Except for in official match events, and then large fish to be witnessed and verified and then returned.

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