Take your Fishing Business to the Next level

All the tools you need to run & promote your fishing organisation online. 

Let’s work together and help grow the sport we all love.

lets promote fishing together


Establish your online presence and instantly share your fishing business with thousands of anglers. Appear in searches and manage what the online world knows about your organisation.

Maximise exposure

Every visitor to our site has at least one thing in common, fishing! Let us enhance your online exposure, place your business in front of thousands and drive customers your way.

Increase revenue (& Participation)

Let Castbooker be your sales, marketing & customer service teams all rolled in to one. Accept bookings, process payments and pre-answer your customers questions without lifting a finger (or phone).


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Tackle Shops

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Match Organisers

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Fishing Experiences

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Put your Fishing business on the map

Showcase your fishing business and make it easy to be found by experienced and novice anglers alike. Connect with the anglers that matter to you, every single day.


Never miss another Angler - even when you're closed

Stop sitting by the phone or waiting for the post. Be available online, 24/7.

Accept bookings for day tickets, matches, permits & club memberships at any time, from anywhere – all without having to lift a finger (or phone).

Go cashless and take payment online, before your customer arrives.

Start placing your fishing organisation in front of thousands of anglers with Castbooker today


Spend more time doing what you love

Ditch the paperwork. Stay on top of every day effortlessly with leading fishing venue & club management software built for fishing organisations, and free up time for the things that really matter.

Reviews screen


Build relationships that last forever

Be easy to find, easy to book and a pleasure to visit, time and time again.

With Castbooker, you’ve got all the industry-leading tools you need to keep anglers coming back and increase loyalty with every booking – minus the effort. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Nothing. It is completely free to add your venue.

You will only incur a fee if you opt-in to sell tickets or memberships via your pages (and even then it’s free if you pass the fees on). 

Yes, you can pass all fees (including card processing fees) on to your customers and members. These will be collected automatically at the time of purchase.

Adding a listing is completely free.

There are no hidden fees to sell tickets, memberships or bookings on Castbooker either. There is no charge on free tickets. For paid tickets & memberships, there is a service fee and payment processing fee that apply to the price of the ticket/membership. You have the option to either absorb the fees or pass them on to your customers.

Yes- absolutely. It is free to add your venue and selling tickets or membership is optional.

The card processing fee is 2.4% + 20p per transaction. 

No, there is no upfront or ongoing cost and no contract either.

Adding your listing is free and you will only be charged for selling tickets & memberships when you sell them (you must opt-in too)