The Pike is one of the world’s greatest freshwater predatory fish.

Belonging to the family Esocidae, Pike are unique and known for their large bony heads and forward-facing eyes. They have a broad snout, largemouth, and rows of backward-facing, razor-sharp teeth on their top jaw and needle-like teeth on the lower jaw.

Pike have elongated bodies with dorsal and anal fins far back on the tail. They can grow up to sizes of 4.5 feet (1.5 meters) and 55 pounds (25 kilograms). Their dark bodies and coloration help them to camouflage themselves extremely well, and they will lie in wait for its prey.

Typical prey usually includes small fish, insects, and aquatic invertebrates, although larger pike can and will dine on waterfowl and small mammals.


Catching a Pike is great fun, but can be a challenge.

These fish love to hunt by sight and thrive in more open, clear water. Look for waters that are less murky and full of weeds, where they will be hunting.

Many anglers who are fishing for pike tend to use equipment such as spinners, plugs, and lures. These work great as they stand out in the water, and attract predatory fish with their bright colours, erratic movement, and bait-like shape. Other experienced anglers will try using things such as live or dead baits, although these require a little more skill and patience in order to be successful. The biggest pike, however, are usually caught using dead bait.

Take care when you have caught a pike, as they are a fragile fish and should be returned to the water as soon as possible.

When is the best time to catch Pike?

Even though the majority of pike fishing is done in the winter, pike tend to feed the most during the summer. During this time they are much more active, and can usually be found feeding the most at night when they can use the light conditions in order to help them to sneak up on their prey.

Pike are a great fish to catch, and provide the perfect challenge for any angler!

up to 55 lbs
Stillwaters, Rivers & Canals
Esox lucius

Official World Record

55 lb 1 oz

Lake of Grefeern, Germany


Lothar Louis

Official British Record

46 lb 13 oz

Llandegfedd, Wales.


R Lewis 

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