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Adult Day Ticket£5.00
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*please read our rules before buying a ticket


Ticket required
You must hold a valid EA Rod Licence and one of the following tickets prior to fishing at River Ouse - New Cut:




If you purchased your ticket online via Castbooker, please bring your confirmation email and some form of identification with you when you fish as you may need to show them to a Bailiff (this can be printed or on your phone).
  1. The health and safety of members is of paramount importance to the Society, but all members and day ticket holders are responsible for their own health and safety whilst fishing. If the water and/or the bankside conditions are considered dangerous then do not fish! In such cases please inform a Bailiff and identify the location
  2. Members must obey all the byelaws and rules of the Environment Agency (EA) and should be in possession of a current Rod Fishing License. The EA rod licence must be shown to the Bailiff, along with proof of OBAS membership upon request
  3. A maximum of 3 rods per angler. (No exceptions)
  4. No angler to occupy more than one swim at any one time. (No exceptions)
  5. All anglers must be close enough to their rods to be able to react appropriately, in a timely manner in the event of a take. Determined by the Bailiff
  6. Any member causing verbal or physical abuse to an OBAS official will be expelled from the Society
  7. Membership of the Society shall be from payment of subscription expiring on 14th June next. Fees for 2018-19 is as follows:-
    Honary Member Free
    Senior Member (17 to 64 years of age) �25.00
    Senior Citizen (65 years +) �10.00
    Disabled Member (Blue Badge Holder) �10.00
    Affiliate Member (Reduced Seasonal rate) �15.00
    Junior Member (under 17 years of age) Free
    Day Ticket (daylight hours) - Car Park and Triangle only �5.00
  8. Night fishing - Members only
  9. The committee shall have the right to refuse or revoke membership to any person
  10. All members must use the car parks provided. Anglers with a disability may only take a vehicle beyond the posts in the car park for unloading and loading tackle. (No exceptions unless seen fit by a committee member for good reason).. (No exceptions unless seen fit by a committee member for good reason
  11. Any angler without a disability, fishing those swims on 'C' Section designated for anglers with a disability, will be required to vacate that swim when requested to do so by an angler with a registered disability
  12. Removal of fish from the Society waters may result in an instant lifetime ban and may also result in legal prosecution
  13. All anglers to use unhooking mats when putting large fish on the bankside
  14. All anglers must carry a landing net of suitable size (Pike and Carp anglers minimum of 36 inches).
  15. All pike anglers must use a wire trace
  16. No keep nets to be used along the Mill Stream and Weir Pool
  17. Fish must not be kept in keepnets if showing signs of distress or damage, and in any event no longer than 6 hours
  18. All fish to be weighed in an appropriately designed sling (no carrier bags). An appropriately sized landing net may be used if a sling is not available
  19. No open fires
  20. No tents (a Bivvy may be used)
  21. The Ouse Valley pathway must not be blocked by anglers to walkers
  22. All rubbish to be removed from the premises. Any angler found leaving litter may face a ban by the Society
  23. It is the duty of members to protect the water and the environment
  24. Members shall use designated routes to gain access to the water
  25. Unscheduled sweepstake contests may be organised by any member or members but all participants shall be members or day ticket holders. No Society members shall be asked to move any swim or be prevented from fishing any unoccupied swim adjacent to a participant
  26. Should any case arise in which these rules are not sufficiently binding, it shall be a matter for the Committee to decide upon and their decision is final
  27. No magnet fishing on OBAS waters

Match Rules

  1. Match fishing competitors are subject to the general OBAS rules
  2. Draw for all matches at the venue
  3. On having drawn a competitor may proceed to his peg and fix his tackle but must not bait the swim or attach any bait to the line until the signal to start is given. Plumbing the depth of water is allowed
  4. Competitors must fish from a position within one metre either side of the peg and must not move the peg. Wading is permitted to NFA rules
  5. No raking to be done except to clear a swim of weeds or other obstructions
  6. A competitor must not allow his float or end tackle to travel beyond the next downstream peg
  7. No match will take place unless there are 3 or more competitors
  8. A competitor must hook, play and land his own fish
  9. A fish landed within 15 minutes of the cease fishing signal shall count if it is hooked before the signal is given
  10. Competitors must fish the swim drawn and shall have no excuse for moving to or fishing any other swim unless the stewards decide the swim drawn is totally unfishable and another swim is allocated
  11. Any competitor leaving his peg before his catch is weighed will be disqualified. Those appointed as stewards are exempt for the purpose of weighing and recording or if called away by another competitor during the progress of the match
  12. Competitors must provide themselves with keepnets complying with Environment Agency byelaws and rules. They must endeavour to keep alive all fish caught, which immediately after weighing must be taken to the water and carefully returned. If a competitor catches an exceptional specimen the stewards may assist if deemed necessary to prevent damage to any fish
  13. Pike and Zander will not be weighed in any match but of course will be when caught in a Predatory Fish match
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