Ticket required
You must hold a valid EA Rod Licence and one of the following tickets prior to fishing at River Weir - Shincliffe Village:




If you purchased your ticket online via Castbooker, please bring your confirmation email and some form of identification with you when you fish as you may need to show them to a Bailiff (this can be printed or on your phone).

Pole tactics at 10m to the far bank have been the favoured with a mixture of baits including maggots pellets & corn. Some carp exceed 5-6lb so you may need to use other tactics to land the odd bigger carp.


Shincliffe Village Water Rules:

1. Park only in the locations shown in the maps and please do not obstruct any gate entrances to fields or Shincliffe Hall.

2. Downstream from the upstream boundary fence of Shincliffe Hall to Maiden Castle.

a). March 15th to June 15th (i.e. Coarse fish Close Season) 

b). June 16th to 14th March any method but ground baiting by swim feeder only.

3. The Committee recommends the use of barbless hooks at all times. However, hooks larger than size`10 must be barbless or have a crushed barb.

From the downstream boundary of the Hall downstream to the Rose Tree Pub the banks are mostly wooded and steep with the water being deeper than found upstream.
Fish stocks are similar to upstream with the occasional barbel being reported in the last few years. 

Thick RED LINE no longer D.C.A.C. water

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