Specimen Day Ticket£10.00
Specimen Night Ticket£15.00
Adult Day Ticket£8.00
Adult Night Ticket£12.00
Junior/Concession Day Ticket£6.00
Junior Night Ticket£8.00
Fishery Rules


If you do not have a Permit issued on the day or bought online, you don’t have permission to fish these waters
Our rules exist to safeguard our fish stocks and ensure that you have an enjoyable visit to Millride Country Sports
Please read these rules carefully before you fish

Failure to observe these rules or acting in a way that interferes with others ‘enjoyment’ or use of the pools, will result in the offender being immediately removed and banned from the fishery.
Millride Country Sports Management & Staff reserve the right to refuse entry and to ask people to leave the premises.
Do not disturb wildlife.
Please advice a member of staff as soon as possible should any wildlife become hurt, injured hooked or entangled with line or if the line becomes snagged on trees, bushes or any underwater snags during your visit in order that this can be immediately removed.

We allow you to bring dogs with you while you are fishing on our complex. However you must keep them on a lead at all times, clean up after them and they must not disturb the other anglers.
Do not cut or otherwise damage bank side vegetation.
Anyone removing (stealing), cooking or killing fish will be prosecuted.
All fish must be returned to the water unharmed.
Children must be accompanied by an adult and must be properly supervised (under 16 years old).
No cars to be parked around the pools. A charge will occur if you need towing out.
All cars to stay on driveway, unless special permission is given on each visit.
All Anglers, vehicles and belongings are here at your own risk.
Permit holders will be held responsible for tidiness in the vicinity of their peg whether or not litter was present on arrival.
Bins are provided.
Unless in receipt of a special night fishing permit. Angling is restricted to our opening hours .
No unauthorised persons are allowed on the bank side before or after these hours.
Please check closing times before you commence to fish.
Start to pack up 30 minutes before closing. Please do not keep our staff waiting.
You may use two rods on one permit if you have NO spectators.
Strictly NO Spectators on night permits (Exception you may bring a non fishing wife / partner / child).
The “beach-caster” style of fishing, Spodding & bait boats are forbidden.

You are reminded not to retain fish for long periods, especially in hot weather.
Management & Staff has the right to stop use of nets in adverse conditions.
NO CARP and no other fish over 3lb to be placed in Keepnets.
Place keepnet as near to fishing position as possible – preferably immediately in front.
Once positioned, avoid unnecessary disturbance.

Baiting with hemp, boilies, groundbait, trout pellets etc. is to be kept to a minimum.
Bait not used is to be taken home for disposal, not thrown in the water or left on the bank side.
The use of tiger nuts, peanuts and excessive oily baits is not allowed.

You must have access to an unhooking mat when fishing for Carp or other specimen species 5lbs+

We recommend no fishing within the affected areas.

You are reminded that you should be in possession of a valid EA (Environment Agency) Rod Licence.
Use of barbless hooks only Barbed hooks are strictly banned.
All Anglers must restrict fishing to their own peg and not cast across neighbouring swims.
Permits and rod licence to be produced on demand to bailiffs or any staff.
Fish must be returned back to the water immediately.
Fish being photographed must be taken kneeing down (under no circumstances standing up) over an unhooking mat. Ensure your mat is wet before placing your catch onto it, especially during hot weather.
All Anglers must be in possession of a landing net and unhooking mat.
Landing nets & unhooking mats can be purchased or hired from the Tackle Shop.
Rods are not to be left unattended any time or for any reason.
Fish must be weighed using a sling zipped unhooking mat or landing net.
Take litter, discard line and unused bait home, or use bins provided arounds the pools.
NO fires allowed, disposable BBQ’s must be kept off grass and taken home after use.
No foul or abusive language, shouting or disturbing behaviour around the pools.
No swimming.
Toilets are available inside & outside the Clubhouse. Please use them.
Catch reports and photographs would be appreciated for our website and notice boards.
Permit holders fish at their own risk, no liability will be accepted for any loss of property, accident or injury whilst at these premises.
Permission to fish these waters requires that the rules are upheld and abided by. Anyone found not doing so will be banned.

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