Day Ticket (4 fish catch)£80.00
Day Ticket (3 fish catch)£70.00
Half Day Ticket (2 fish catch)£50.00
Catch and Release (Stillwaters Lake only)£40.00
Carrier Only. Trout season 3rd April – 30th September. (All fish returned to river)£60.00
Grayling Day Ticket (1st October – 28th February)£35.00
Fishery Rules
  • A valid ticket MUST be purchased at the office before fishing commences.
  • All anglers must enter the catch, even nil returns, in order to assist in stocking management.
  • No shared rods, except by management permission, for tuition purposes.
  • Children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Unless invited, no angler may encroach on another. Minimum distance 15 yards.
  • Landing nets of suitable size, must be carried.
  • Max. hook size No.8 barbed. Dressed length not to exceed 1.5 inches or 40mm.
  • Avington Trout Fishery will not be responsible for any personal injuries, illness or losses however caused. Purchase of this ticket constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Lake Rules

  • Fly fishing only, wet or dry, single fly no droppers. Max. hook size No.8 barbed.
  • Breaking strain of leader to be 6lb min.
  • Please DO NOT DISCARD NYLON, either take it away with you or cut up into very small pieces. Discarded nylon is directly responsible for the maiming and death of wildlife.
  • The management reserves the right to retain any potential record fish which will be mounted and displayed. Captor will be compensated.

Itchen Carrier Rules

  • CATCH and RELEASE ONLY. All fish, whether trout, grayling or coarse to be returned.
  • Dry fly or nymph, single fly, upstream.
  • No wading under any circumstances.
  • Maximum hook size No.10 short shank barbless only.
  • Remember these are wild fish and must be handled carefully.
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