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Day / Guest Ticket Rules


1.    All Members must possess a valid EA Rod Licence.

2.    All members must have valid membership to fish.

Both will need to be produced at the request by any club official, bailiff, EA Officer or other club member. All EA regulations and bylaws must be obeyed at all times on all club waters - These cards and permits are not transferable

3.    No angler shall dispose of any litter, unwanted fishing line or tackle on the bank or in the lake – Please use bins provided.

4.    No tins on the bank.

5.    All anglers must have an unhooking mat and landing net to fish.

6.    No person shall leave rod/rods unattended - EA bylaws.

7.    All anglers must conduct themselves in a fair and sporting manner and must show consideration and respect for fish, wildlife, vegetation, property, fellow anglers, Club Officials, Bailiffs, Park Rangers/Staff, Local Residents and other park users.

8.    NO night fishing on any club water.

9.    All members contravening any club rules will be told to leave the water immediately and will also hand over their membership card so matters can be dealt with accordingly in the way of a club endorsement.

10. No fires at any club water.

11. No hooks larger than a size 6.

12. No mainline above 15lb breaking strain.

13. All anglers should have a disgorger or forceps to aid hook removal.

14. All anglers must be prepared to show any WCA Bailiff all rigs and tackle when requested.

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