Adult Day Ticket£10.00
Under 18 Day Ticket£5.00
Boat Access£10.00
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To book, please click on the relevant session for when you would like to start Fishing and then follow the prompts. You must book prior to the session starting.
Day / Guest Ticket Rules

1. Catch and release only is permitted . The needless or unauthorised killing of fish will not be tolerated.

2. Fishing from dawn to dusk only. No camping or overnight stays except for organised club events.

3. No loud music.

4. No ground fires or unauthorised BBQ’s.

5. No alcohol or drugs.

6. No littering, please use the bins provided.

7. On competition and event days, then sections in use are not to be used by anyone not involved in the competition or event.

8. Car park area is for Club members only.

9. Please respect and honour any requests made by bailiffs. Bailiffs have the right to request to view your licence and the power of search property including vehicles.

10. Fishing is prohibited Immediately below weirs.

11. All members have the right to challenge anyone for Club ID or day ticket. Please report any suspicious activity immediately.

12. Any club member or can communicate on the facebook page (in a group of members).

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