Adult Day Ticket £8.50
OAP Day Ticket£7.50
Junior Day Ticket£4.50
Adult Evening Ticket (after 5pm)£6.00
OAP Evening Ticket (after 5pm)£4.00
Junior Evening Ticket (after 5pm)£3.00
Fishery Rules

Hobbits pond and Mirkwood pond angling rules (Pay before you fish)

Tickets must be paid for before fishing use honesty box system in toilets, keep your tab as proof of payment. Bring change with you. No change is no excuse.
Your ticket is only valid for the named person on the day stated and must be carried by them while at the fishery and shown on request.
Maximum of two rods per angler.
Keepnets may be used (ONLY ON MIRKWOOD POND.)
Alcohol allowed in moderation.
Barbless and micro barb hooks only.
No litter to be left this includes line, cigarette ends. Anyone with litter around their peg will be asked to leave. PLEASE TAKE LITTER HOME.
No fires but barbecues may be used off the ground to avoid scorching
No firearms, crossbows or aggressive use of catapults.
No dogs.
Radios and music on ear phones only. Other anglers my not be in the mood for dancing !.
Be considerate and respectful to other anglers at all times.
Anglers must remain close to the ponds and not interfere with any form of wildlife or trample down vegetation.
Wading is not permitted.
Ground bait by feeder only.
Fish must not be killed or removed from the fishery. Anyone caught doing so will be PROSECUTED AND BANED BANNED FROM THE FISHERY FOR LIFE WITHOUT ANY REFUND.
Always dip keepnets landing nets when tanks available.
Opening times 7 am till dusk or 9.00pm whatever the sooner.
Always close and secure the access gate to the fishery.
Anglers found breaking the rules will be liable for expulsion at the owners discretion with no return of membership cost.


Gandalfs carp lake Rules (Members only)

This is a members only lake, membership card must be carried at all times. On day of fishing ticket should be purchased from honesty box system before fishing and shown with membership card on request.
Night fishing must be booked at least 48 hours in advance, by calling 07570 137 809 Paul or 07808469823 Suzanne.
Always close and secure access gate to fishery
No litter to be left, this includes line, cigarette ends . Anyone with litter in or around their peg will be asked to leave. ( Please take litter home.)
Maximum of two fishing rods per angler, both rods in same swim.
No keep sacks. fish must be returned to lake immediately after weighing and photo.
Barbless/microbarb hooks only.
A minimum of 15lbs line to be used. (No braided line.)
No nuts for hook or feed.
Bite alarms on low settings. They can be annoying especially if no fish involved !.
Anglers must be in possession of a assembled landing net at least 36" and a unhooking mat.
Alcohol allowed in moderation.



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